Waupaca County

Kristy Opperman

811 Harding St Waupaca WI 54981


County Clerk serves as manager and administrator for county records, oversees elections and performs other duties as directed by Wis. State Stats and as assigned by the County Board.  Issues marriage licenses for the State of Wisconsin.  Issue passport applications starting in July, 2016.

Chief Deputy Clerk  Dawn Krause and Deputy Clerk Kristy Opperman.

County Information

Waupaca is a Wisconsin county rich in natural resources. Glacial activity created the present landscape of woodlands and rolling hills to the west, and more gently-rolling, productive farmland to the east. Glacial lakes, wetlands, fisheries and wildlife areas are located throughout the county.

From the famous Chain O’Lakes in the south, to the northern lakes of Myklebust, Mud and Pigeon, 240 lakes offer you excellent fishing, boating and opportunities for other water-based recreation.  The Wolf River, known for its spring walleye and white bass runs, provides many miles of navigable, scenic water. The Embarrass, Little Wolf, Waupaca and Crystal rivers are choice canoeing and fishing waters. Of 74 other rivers and streams, 35 are trout streams sporting 164 miles of challenging fishing.
In addition, Waupaca County attracts a variety of recreation enthusiasts in every season.  A few of the many winter possibilities include snowmobiling on 208 miles of scenic groomed county snowmobile trails, cross country skiing, ice fishlnQ, ski jumping and traveling beautiful snow-covered  back country roads.  In summer, hrke along.the Ice Age Trail, swim, bike, golf, camp or take a drive along our scenic rustic roads. Spring and fall come alive with wildflowers and fall colors and help to provide crisp, clean air to refresh both body and spirit.
If you are interested in vacationing or living in an area filled with sparkling lakes, meandering rivers, rolling hills and country charm, come to Waupaca County.
Waupaca County–  a balance between quality of life and a quality environment.  WELCOME!

County Population: 52410

Cities: 6

Towns: 22

Villages: 6