Shawano County

Kara Skarlupka

311 N. Main St. Shawano WI 54166


The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected by the voters of Shawano County.  The County Clerk prepares the County Board agendas; serves as the official clerk to the County Board and records minutes of board proceedings.  The Clerk is also responsible for committee agendas and minutes for Standing Committees.  The County Clerk’s Office is responsible for conducting Federal, State, and County elections which entails publishing legal notices, preparing and distributing ballots, training poll workers and chief inspectors, and maintaining voter registration lists; supervises and tallies the returns of each election, serves on the County Board of Canvass and certifies results to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The Clerk’s Office issues a wide variety of licenses and permits including work permits, marriage licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, registering vehicles and issuing temporary license plates for the Division of Motor Vehicles.  This office also publishes the Shawano County official directory of public officials annually as well as the proceedings of the County Board of Supervisors.

County Information

Shawano County, which was organized in 1853, was formed from areas of Oconto and Outagamie Counties.  When the county was first organized, the name was spelled Sha-wa-Nah-Pay-Sa which meant “lake of the south” in Menominee and Chippewa.  The spelling was changed in 1864 to its present Shawano.  Be sure to come and visit Shawano County and take in the beauty of Shawano Lake and the many parks as well as golf courses, casinos, race tracks, historic museums, recreation trails, and of course, check out the Barn Quilts! Shawano County is Wisconsin’s Barn Quilt Capitol with well over 300 barn quilts to date!

County Population: 41949

Cities: 2

Towns: 25

Villages: 11