Manitowoc County

Jessica Backus

1010 S. 8th St. Manitowoc WI 54220


Elections Administration; Secretary to County Board; Information office for the general public; Issue marriage licenses, passports, work permits, and timber cutting notices; work with municipal clerks; mailroom for incoming/outgoing mail

Deputy Linda Herman, Administrative Assistant Laurie Heier

County Information

On April 20, 1936, Manitowoc County was deemed a Wisconsin Territory. Manitowoc County was a part of Brown County until the organization of a separate county government for Manitowoc County was authorized by an act of the Territorial Legislature in 1836. Under the act, the date for the first election was scheduled for the first Monday in March, 1839. The Commissioners of Brown County were authorized to canvass the vote and issue certificates of election.

The election was held on March 4, 1839, at the home of P.P. Pierce in the Village of Manitowoc Rapids. Horace Conroe and O.C. Hubbard were Judges of Election, and Peter Johnson and J.H. Este, Clerks. Thirty-five votes were cast and the following officers were elected: County Commissioners, Horace Conroe, John Rigney and J.G. Conroe; Assessor, O.C. Hubbard; Register of Deeds, J.W. Conroe; Collector, Peter Johnson. Having received properly authenticated certificates of election, the County Commissioners met and organized on March 15, 1839. Meetings of the County Commissioners were recorded in the Journal of the County Commissioners, which is the first or earliest volume of the publication now known as the Proceedings of the County Board.

The name munedoowk/manidoowaak (Manitowoc) originated from the Ojibwe language, also known as Chippewa or Anishinaabe, and has been interpreted to mean “dwelling of the great spirit” or “habitation of good spirit” or “place of the good spirit.”

County Population: 81442

Cities: 3

Towns: 18

Villages: 9