Lincoln County

Chris Marlowe

801 N Sales Street Suite 201 Merrill WI 54452


General Office Duties:

The County Clerk is the official record keeper for basic county functions and is the county’s Chief Election Official and maintaining.  The Lincoln County Clerk’s Office is contracted to perform WisVote services (State Voter Registration System) for 13 of our 18 municipalities. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for providing public notices of county activities and meetings, property tax administration, county financial administration, elections administration, and is the county outlet for selected state functions such as Marriage Licenses.

In addition, the county clerk serves as the secretary of the board of supervisors and its committees.  The Clerk keeps an accurate record of all proceedings of the board, its resolutions, orders and ordinances, and its decisions including the vote of each supervisor.  The clerk signs all orders for the payment of money directed by the board and keeps an account of transactions.  The clerk also performs other duties prescribed by law as stated in chapter 59.23 of the Wisconsin State Statutes Book.

County Information:

Lincoln County – “Where the Northwoods Start and Your Adventure Begins”

Lincoln County has long been considered Wisconsin’s “Gateway to the Northwoods”  Lincoln County offers a vast variety of lakes, boat landings, streams, accessible kayak launches, camp grounds, ATV, snowmobile, hiking and biking trails, parks, public hunting grounds, and so on.  There are many reasons to get off the freeway and let your Northwoods Adventures begin here in Lincoln County Wisconsin.


County Population: 28743

Cities: 2

Towns: 16