Juneau County

Terri Treptow

220 East State Street Room 112 Mauston WI 53948


Temporary plates, stickers, marriage license, elections, ordinances, county directory, oaths & bonds, school records, DNR license, notary & statutory duties.

County Information

The first annual meeting for Juneau County was held in November, 1857.

An 1861 model ten inch “Columbiad” coast defense gun furnished by the Chief of Ordinance was placed on the courthouse lawn “for the purpose of instilling patriotism among our people”. Juneau County paid the freight on the 14,985 lb. cannon and twenty 10 inch cannon shells on the west side of the courthouse. The cannon shells had to be removed from the lawn on the west side because of pranks separating a cannon shell from the other cannon shells and opening a door to the courthouse and rolling a 10 inch cannon ball down the stairs and all the way down the hallway.

County Population: 26912

Cities: 4

Towns: 19

Villages: 6